Macdolly Cocker Spaniels Asuare Cockers, Goldens and Vizsla

Who we are

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We are a small team who are united by the love of dogs, the passion for our breeds, and the pride in our dogs and their achievements in the show rings - not just for us but for others who have also share our passion and beliefs.

We strive to achieve our dreams - to continuously learn and improve and to breed and exhibit dogs sound of body and mind, and the epitomise the breed standard by expanding our gene pool and using the best possible stud dogs to produce our next Best in Show winners.



Registered owner of ANKC kennel prefix MACDOLLY.
Commenced showing in 1987.

First Macdolly litter in 1989.
​Lives in Brisbane, Qld.



Commenced showing in 2004.
Lives in Mossman, Qld (North of Cairns).
Owner/operator of DB Grooming.
Chief GusBus driver - moving the show team from show to show.



Registered owner of ANKC kennel prefix ASUARE.
Commenced showing in 2000.
​First Asuare litter in 2004.
Lives in Brisbane, Qld.


The dogs we own and exhibit all live in the house and sleep on the bed (and the lounge and the hall etc).  Unlike 'traditional' breeders we do not have any kennels - our home is the dogs home and our home (and hence we certainly don't live in flash houses).  We spend all our time, money and energy training, grooming, feeding and planning the next generation, the next show, the next acquisition.

If and when we do have puppies for sale - they are reared with all our adult dogs, well socialised and someone stays home with the puppies to ensure they are given the best possible chance of being 'the best they can be'.  After all we are hoping our next winner is in the litter and hence no expense is spared on veterinary and nutrition and hygiene.

Sometimes we make some very hard decisions for ourselves and let our beloved 'older doggies' go to wonderful family homes after their show career is over to have one on one attention - so if you are considering an ex-show dog for your next companion (usually around 2.5 years old or so) please do contact us.

Contact Details

Terri, Denise, Heath
Brisbane, QLD, Australia
Phone : +61431833699
Email : [email protected]