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Buying a new puppy - read on

Everyone falls in love with puppies and it doesn't matter how super cute they look, they do all grow.

What is really important when looking to add a furbaby to your family that you know what to look for, what you are buying and that the timing is right.

What does having papers mean?

In Australia, there are many adverts out there that say that puppies have papers - but the only offical pedigree register is the ANKC (Australian National Kennel Council) and to have a purebred, pedigree registered puppy, you need to source that from an ANKC registered breeder.

A pedigree is essentially a birth certifcate for your dog that shows the family tree, and proves your dog is purebred.  

Main register versus Limited register

When you buy a puppy from an ANKC registered breeder you will be given either Main or LImited register.  If the breeder does not stipulate Limited only (which requires the purchaser to sign a document stating they understand the puppy is on limited registration) then you will get Mains pedigree papers.

What can I do with a Limited register puppy ?

The Limited Register has the following restrictions:

  • ineligible for exhibition at conformation shows
  • ineligible for breeding purposes

So you won't be able to breed or show your dog, but you can be part of the wonderful world of dogs - you can compete in dog sports (tracking, obedience, agility, flyball etc) and the breeder has the option to transfer a Limited register puppy to the Main register once only.

Buying a Puppy from Macdolly or Asuare - will it be Limited or Main Register ?

We only sell puppies on Limited register if we have used an outside owned stud dog, and the stud dog owner's conditions are limited register only for progeny that we do not keep.

We do not like to have to do that, so you will find matings we do with outside dogs are not as frequent if they only have these restrictions as we believe you are paying good money for a puppy, same DNA as the litter mates we keep ourselves, and if you want to give showing, or breeding a go - we do not stand in your way.

Our own stud dogs do not stand at stud with those conditions but it is hard to find dogs with other breeders with the same ethos.


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