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Health Testing Information

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As ethical breeders we encourage all to undertake the above testing as a minimum requirement before any breeding is undertaken and to provide the results to all puppy buyers for both parents, and share the information with other fanciers via the Cocker Spaniel World Wide Database.

As stud dog owners we only accept bitches to be mated to our boys if all of the testing has been completed.

However, so that we do not reduce the gene pool, if we need to use an outside stud dog, if that dog does not have all the health testing that we do (remembering that testing is not mandated) we will sometimes choose to use the dog, but be careful with the progeny until we are able to do the testing we try to uphold.

Here are the links to make it easy to get your health tests:
Orivet Full Breed Profile
All in one swab you can get the results for DNA plus:

prcd-PRA, AHRN (FN), EIC and BHFD plus you can add on additional tests
The colour testing is also done by Orivet and is useful when finding out what colours your dogs carry genes for.
Adult Onset Neuropathy
This test is done in the USA only at this stage, and you need to order your swab and return the swab for testing to the USA. Please remember to list the breed as ENGLISH Cocker Spaniel, otherwise if you just say Cocker Spaniel the results will get skewed with the ACS (American Cocker Spaniel, known only as Cocker Spaniel in the USA).

CHED (Canine Hip and Elbows Dysplasia Scheme)
Hip and Elbow Scoring
Have your animal xrayed at your chosen Veterinarian and send the xray away to a CHED Panellists 
The score is then recorded on the ORCHID database

Our boys all stand at stud to outside bitches on the following conditions:

  • Must have ANKC Main register pedigree papers
  • Must have ANKC Prefix for registration 
  • Must be Hip and Elbow Scored
  • Must have DNA profile
  • Cocker Spaniels - tested for prcd-PRA, AHRN (FN), BHFD and AMS
  • Golden Retriever - tested for pra and itchyosis, heat and eye clearance current

Our boys do their stud work via VSS (Veterinary Specialist Services) at Chermside West - Dr Xavier or Dr Phil.
Owners of bitches will be required to cover the costs of testing at the Centre, plus the mating costs, and then if successfully in whelp will then pay the Stud Fee when the puppies are born and before six weeks of age.



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